Maryanne Moodie Loom & Tools & Weaving Within Reach

$ 86.00

This listing comes with the Maryanne Moodie Loom, Tools and a Copy of Weaving Within Reach.

Maryanne Moodie Loom
Make all sorts of lovely weaving projects with this medium-sized loom, lovingly designed by talented weaving artist Maryanne Moodie. Loom measures 17" X 12" and has 5 notches per inch (5 EPI or 5 dent).  The weaving area is approximately 10" x 15.5". 

BEKA Tools 
A beautiful shed/pick up stick, a weaving needle and shuttle made by Beka all 12" and made from Maple or other hard wood..

A Copy of Weaving Within Reach
Use this loom to make multiple projects from Weaving Within Reach, including clutches, pouches, and other decorative items.